Janitorial Cleaner Now Essential Worker
By: Date: January 18, 2021 Categories: janitorial cleaners in Asheville, NC

Lockdown or no lockdown, the janitorial cleaner will be at work tomorrow. Extremely hard lockdown or stage one (or level one) lockdown, janitorial cleaners in Asheville, NC will be turning up for their morning, afternoon or evening shifts. Evening shifts? Because what if during a hard lockdown, an extremely hard lockdown, curfew restrictions have been put in place? No matter. Like doctors and health services agents, these clean men and women are providing a service that is extremely necessary.

Janitorial cleaning work will continue to be billed as an essential service. It is recorded in the statute books. During hard lockdown curfews, you would expect janitorial cleaners to be provided with the relevant documentation that certifies that they may work at these ungodly hours but more importantly, that they must work at these hours. Of course, it should go without saying that being the efficient workers that they are, they would only be turning up in areas where their cleaning work is absolutely necessary at that critical hour.

janitorial cleaners in Asheville, NC

Janitorial cleaners could very well see themselves being appointed to a health services facility almost on a permanent basis. Or would it remain financially prudent for health services centers, both public and private to preferably contract in or outsource the essential cleaning work? All things being said thus far, the hard lockdowns introduced to counter the further spread of new strains of the original novel coronavirus has brought untold hardship on so many.

Many people are now out of work on a permanent basis. But here then is a new career opportunity. Not a job but how about treating janitorial cleaning work as a career opportunity. Why this suggestion? Well, since when has cleaning the environment not been the most important thing to do right now?