Installing dental implants are the best way to restore decaying or lost teeth.
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Early and Late
Problems with Dental Implants

It is necessary to be acquainted with the early and late problems that might arise with dental implants. Therefore, discussed below are some common dental implant issues.

Early Failure Issues With Dental Implants

If you face any issues other than swollen gums immediately after the procedure, you should consult your dentist at once. Even if you go through several dental implants reviews in Yakima and opt for the best implant, you might still face some issues. Most early dental implant issues arise within the first four months after the procedure. Some of the early issues include:

·    Implant micro-movements

·    Insufficient bone support

·    Allergic reaction

Late Failure Issues With Dental Implants

Not all dental implants are durable. Moreover, some issues take time to develop. Therefore, your dental implant procedure might be an immediate success, but you might face issues after a few years. Some of the late issues include:

·    Tissue or nerve damage leading to numbness in the face, gums, lips, or tongue.

·    Your body rejecting the foreign dental implant due to a strong immune system. This will lead to chills, fever, and swellings.

·    The dental implant might shift and slowly enter into the sinus cavity.

·    The implant might get loose due to some injury around the gums where the implant is placed.

Signs That Your Dental Implant Is Failing

Whether you are dealing with early or late dental implant issues, given below are some symptoms you will face.

·    Difficulty in chewing

·    Gum recession

·    Gum inflation

·    Severe discomfort and pain

·    Swelling in the nearby region

Final Words

dental implants reviews in Yakima

Simple things such as eating too hard food at the beginning of the healing process and smoking interfere with the durability of your dental implant procedure. If you have any issues, you must book an appointment with your dentist before your problems get complicated.